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Godfrey Gao for Men’s Folio September 2013

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It’s my day off!!


It’s my day off!!

I did things in my 30s that were ignored by the world, that could have been quickly labeled a failure. Here’s a classic example; in 1974 I did a movie called Phantom of the Paradise. Phantom of the Paradise, which was a huge flop in this country. There were only two cities in the world where it had any real success: Winnipeg, in Canada, and Paris, France. So, okay, let’s write it off as a failure. Maybe you could do that.

But all of the sudden, I’m in Mexico, and a 16-year-old boy comes up to me at a concert with an album - a Phantom of the Paradise soundtrack- and asks me to sign it. I sign it. Evidently I was nice to him and we had a nice little conversation. I don’t remember the moment, I remember signing the album (I don’t know if I think I remember or if I actually remember). But this little 14 or 16, whatever old this guy was… Well I know who the guy is now because I’m writing a musical based on Pan’s Labyrinth; it’s Guillermo del Toro.

The work that I’ve done with Daft Punk it’s totally related to them seeing Phantom of the Paradise 20 times and deciding they’re going to reach out to this 70-year-old songwriter to get involved in an album called Random Access Memories.

So, what is the lesson in that? The lesson for me is being very careful about what you label a failure in your life. Be careful about throwing something in the round file as garbage because you may find that it’s the headwaters of a relationship that you can’t even imagine it’s coming in your future.

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— Six steps to get the most out of your internship

I was actually looking up tips for maximizing a business coffee date but this article has some good tips. Of course, some of these are easier said than done, but I really wish I had a concrete list like this when I was interning.

#2 is especially very important. Being the fly on the wall and taking good notes will endear people to you. 

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one of my biggest worries at this job is not being able to meet expectations. my last job taught me to not trust what people were saying to me, but what they were not saying in terms of my performance. i spent a large portion of six months thinking i was doing okay when i wasn’t and i’m afraid of repeating it, esp here.

everyone is really smart and hardworking and i don’t want to be a flop next to them ><


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come on and slam


come on and slam

i think i woke up 3-4 times last night because i thought it was monday and that i would be late for my first day at my new job

also i messed up my back and it hurts to move. cry